Acoustic Microphones are used to detect and amplify the noise created by leaks in pressurised pipes. They are an essential part of any plumber’s and leak detection team’s operating equipment and are used to easily pinpoint exact locations of suspected leaks (last step in the generally applicable process Locate-Localise-Pinpoint). As part of the Intelligent Water Loss Management process, Acoustic Microphones are used to VALIDATE already pinpointed leak locations. The two basic options to use as microphone are the listening stick or the ground microphone.

AQUASCOPE 2 - Acoustic Listening Device

The acoustic microphone any leak technician should have in the glove-box: light-weight, compact and with a pure and clear sound amplification.

  • Belt clip and one-touch operation for full comfort: The AQUASCOPE 2 amplifier is light-weight, compact and IP54 protected. It can also be attached to your belt. This way you can operate the device with one hand and use your other hand to point your listening device to the noise source or to lift & shift your acoustic ground microphone when pinpointing a leak on the road.
  • Maximum independence and freedom: The AQUASCOPE 2 can be your everyday acoustic leak locator that is tucked away in the back of your van. The only power source needed are four regular Alkaline AA batteries that can easily be replaced when needed. This way you ensure maximum availability and reliability even for long days of leak surveying.
  • Pure and crisp sound quality for a small budget: Despite its attractive purchase price the AQUASCOPE 2 makes no compromise in the build quality and the sound quality. If you’re looking for a simple acoustic listening device with exceptional sound quality, this should be your choice.
  • Choice of accessories to suit your needs: The AQUASCOPE 2 basic kit includes a magnetic acoustic accelerometer sensor. However, the full range of AQUASCOPE branded microphones can also be attached to the amplifier, depending on your needs: both ground microphones (regular or pocket-size) and the electronic listening stick sensor.

AQUASCOPE 3 - Universal Leak Locator & Acoustic Listening Device

Water Leak Detector Kits comprise of both the Electronic Listening Stick and Ground Microphone providing the complete package for the utility, contractor or plumber who searches for leaks in a variety of locations.

  • High-quality and maintenance free: The AQUASCOPE 3 uses high-performance sensor technology and the most durable components. The result is greater amplification and higher sensitivity with a very clear noise which is class-leading in the industry. The robust design of all the cords and connectors and the use of Double A batteries make the AQUASCOPE 3 a maintenance-free system with practically no downtime and very low running costs. A sturdy carry case gives the AQUASCOPE 3 adequate protection for daily use.
  • “Minimum Level Profiling” function: While some acoustic devices give the user a straight “leak value”, the AQUASCOPE 3 allows the user to record a leak value that is independent of passing traffic and other ambient noises. This gives the leak operative valuable information in his survey process. Minimum Level Profiling latches to the lowest noise detected at each sounding. The last eight readings are displayed to show if the operator is moving away or towards the leak. The leak is closest to the highest value of all the recorded minimum noise levels.
  • Practical design and high portability: The AQUASCOPE 3 is designed by leak detection professionals for leak detection operatives. With high quality connectors, light-weight yet robust amplifier housing and cables designed to reduce trip hazards, the AQUASCOPE 3 is the ultimate instrument even for long working days. The amplifier strap enables the operator to wear the unit either around the chest or the waist. A universal headphone jack lets you work with your favourite headphones.
  • Simple and straight forward operation: The AQUASCOPE 3’s powerful built-in features are simple to operate. The unique one-button design and simple menu guidance render the AQUASCOPE 3 the perfect leak locating tool for any field operator, irrespective of his level of leak detection experience. The filter settings are extremely user friendly. Experienced operators can find difficult leaks using an adjustable narrow bandwidth filter setting to suppress any unwanted interference and background noise. The backlight function allows for night work when required.

EASYSCAN - All-In-One Leak Locator & Correlator

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results.

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results. With just a few quick manipulations you transform your EASYSCAN from the correlation function to the listening function. As a Premium Service member you can also automatically upload all of your measurements with according time-stamp and GPS locations to your personal cloud account for further analysis, reporting tools and data backup.

  • An 3-in-1 all-round leak finder
  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive
  • Attractive design, controlled on a smartphone app
  • Cloud-enabled: Store all your data in your personal cloud account (only as premium member)
  • Very affordable price

AQUASCOPE 550 - Acoustic Leak Detection Kit

The AquaScope 550 is the world’s first and only acoustic leak detector to have “frequency shifting” to assist in the pinpointing of low frequency leaks found in PVC and large diameter pipes. Furthermore, the AquaScope 550 possesses impressive amplification capabilities. The professional leak hunter will therefore find even difficult leaks that are undetectable with other equipment. With a host of other advanced features, this must be the acoustic microphone of choice for the demanding leak operator.

  • Built for frequent use and a long life: The AQUASCOPE 550 has an ergonomic design and a very solid, yet light-weight body that was designed specifically for utilities that are faced with the everyday challenge of finding leaks on plastic and large diameter pipes. The microphones are constructed of robust high-grade stainless steel and rubber for comfort and stability. The AQUASCOPE 550 is highly reliable and virtually maintenance-free which makes it an extremely cost-effective product over its expected lifetime. GUTERMANN provides a 2-year factory warranty like on all other products from GUTERMANN.
  • With ground microphone or electronic listening stick: The AQUASCOPE 550 comes with the choice of either a ground microphone or an electronic listening stick (hand probe), or as combined kit. The ground microphone ‘foot’ is robust, weather proof and acoustically shielded against non-leak interference. It is particularly suitable for leak surveys on flat grounds and roads. The versatile hand probe incorporates a handle and the same high-performance sensor as the ground microphone. It and allows direct listening on fittings or – with a tripod foot magnetically attached to it – on soft grounds and on walls.
  • Powerful and intelligent – hear the inaudible noise: The unique feature “Frequency Shifting” makes audible what was once not audible: It lifts otherwise inaudible low frequency noise (below 30 Hz) that is common for leaks in plastic pipes or large diameter pipes to a higher, readily audible frequency band. Manual filters are userprogrammable in blocks of 40Hz. A large graphical display transforms the crystal digital sound into a visual frequency spectrum showing a clear peak of the leak and aiding the advanced technician to pinpoint the most difficult leaks with ease.
  • Simple operation and versatile for all situations: With only 2 buttons/dials on the control unit and 3 pre-set filter ranges, the operation of the AQUASCOPE 550 is very quick and easy. The amplifier can also be activated and deactivated with a trigger button directly on the microphone, leaving the other hand free to carry other tools. A twin headphone socket enables a second operator to listen in. The “Minimum Level Profiling” function enables the operator to record leak values that are independent of passing traffic and other ambient noises. The AQUASCOPE 550 latches to the lowest noise recorded at each sounding. The last eight readings are displayed as bar chart showing the operator whether he is moving away from or closer to the leak.