Correlators are powerful electronic devices to locate leaks on pressured pipes, where the rough location of the leak is unknown and the distances relatively high. Two (or more) sensors are placed in contact with the pipe on both sides of the suspected leak. Those sensors record and transmit the sound by radio to the processing unit. Mathematical algorythms are used to determine the exact location of certain noise profiles (such as hissing leak sound) on the pipe, by correlating the noises that reach both sensors and measuring the difference it takes to travel on the pipe from the leak location to each sensor.

GUTERMANN has been among the first manufacturers of leak locating correlators worldwide. The AquaScan correlator range is characterised by world-leading sensors, compact and attractive design, robustness on the field and sophisticated filtering capabilities.

AQUASCAN 610 - Leak Noise Correlator

The AQUASCAN 610 is the world’s first cordless leak noise correlator and is certainly the most compact and portable correlator currently available. The combination of high performance, elegant design, compact size and advanced features make this the most popular leak noise correlator available.

  • No cables – no hassle or repairs: The world’s only high-performance correlator combining the ultra-sensitive sensor and the radio transmitter into one single compact unit which can be used in underground chambers with lids closed. Bluetooth communication allows both direct leak listening with stereo headphones and data transfer to PC.
  • Metallic or plastic, big or small – it works! Sophisticated frequency analysis and algorithms combined with extra-high sensitivity and rigorous hardware engineering enable the operator to identify and pinpoint leaks also in most difficult field conditions such as plastic pipes, low pressure situations and large diameters.
  • Highest pinpointing accuracy: High capacity processors and first-class firmware which was perfected through decades of experience in acoustic leak detection offer unmatched pinpointing precision of ±1 cm per 100 metres pipe distance, resulting in increased operator performance and minimised excavation costs.

Advanced Spectrum Analysis: Run the unique Advanced Spectrum Analysis (ASA) feature – narrowing down the correlation process to the leak-specific frequency – to find unusually quiet leaks in noisy environments, in which conventional correlators often fail to produce reliable results.

  • Error-free pinpointing and ease of use: The unique quality assessment feature offers the operator a high level of confidence for the leak pinpointing results. The quality of each correlation is automatically verified and indicated on screen. For less experienced operators the special wizard mode provides a step by step on-screen guidance through the correlation process.
  • Simultaneous multi-correlation – only on AQUASCAN 610: The multi-correlation mode allows simultaneous correlations in different frequency bands, enabling to identify secondary leaks (e.g. on house connections) which would otherwise remain undiscovered. In addition, in the expert mode the operator can experiment with different manual filter settings and see their immediate effect on the correlation.

AQUASCAN TM2 - Trunk Main & Plastic Pipe Correlator

The AQUASCAN TM2 has been specifically designed for the use on large diameter pipes and for extremely difficult situations. With higher processing speeds of a tablet PC, new signal processing technology and accelerometer sensors with additional sensitivity in the low frequency range this correlator can detect quieter leak noise at low frequency in addition to normal leaks. A powerful “Auto Filter” make this correlator very easy to operate.

  • Designed for tough conditions and materials: With higher processing speeds, improved signal processing technology, increased sensitivity and the possibility of unlimited correlation, this correlator can detect even quiet leak noise at low frequencies and can therefore accurately pinpoint leaks even in the most challenging conditions, particularly on large diameter pipes (trunk mains), non-metallic pipes and over longer distances than before. With its powerful radio transmission and the option to use antenna stands, the AQUASCAN TM2 can correlate leaks over distances of 1 km or more. If required, hydrophones can be attached to a hydrant or tapping in the pipe and provide additional sound input. Stainless steel housing provides maximum protection for the transmitting sensors when left for hours or days in a pit with sometimes corrosive substances. The ruggedized Windows tablet PC with illuminated buttons for night work, shock-proof rubber padding and a colour touchscreen complete the kit.
  • New, advanced algorithms and functions: The AQUASCAN TM2 boasts a completely revamped software package with a host of new and improved functions, making this the most powerful correlator yet on the market. When activated, the “Auto Filter” automatically selects the most relevant frequencies in order to generate an accentuated correlation peak, even for faint signals. The “Spot Filter” is a brand-new and unique feature letting the operator click on the area of the pipe where a leak is suspected, and the correlator focuses on the noise profile of that confined area. The “Notch Filtering” function removes electrical mains noises from the sound spectrum, including higher harmonics. The operator can either listen stereo to both sensors or to each sensor individually. Furthermore, the new “Filtered Listening” feature lets you listen to the leak sound file with selected filters applied. This is ideal for suppressing ambient noise like road traffic or electrical interferences.


Cost-effective and very user-friendly: Contrary to other trunk main leak inspection methods, working with the AQUASCAN TM2 is noninvasive and non-destructive. The setup is easy with magnetic connectivity of the stainless steel accelerometer sensors and with radio communication, allowing the operator to close the manhole covers for longer day correlations or correlations overnight, and avoiding tripping on cables. No more additional costs required: No costly pipeline inspections involving pipe tapping and drilling access channels, no vanished or stuck freely floating sensors (eg. “Bullets” or “Balls”), no risk of water contamination, as the case may be with other less convenient technologies. The operation is extremely simple with the AQUASCAN TM2. One main screen, intuitive programming via large touch-screen buttons, and aided by the brand new Automatic Filtering function, make finding leaks on trunk mains, indeed any type of pipe, as easy as using a car navigation system. The AQUASCAN TM2 is therefore an appropriate instrument also for operators with little or no leak location skills.Increased convenience for the experts on the TM2: Apart from the more advanced correlation algorithms with the Auto Filter, Spot Filter and Filtered Listening, the AQUASCAN TM2 boasts several other new features and improvements over its successful predecessor model. For instance an increased signal/noise ratio by 40%, which helps find even quieter leaks. Or the automatic multi-frequency band correlation, allowing the user to easily detect multiple leaks on the same pipe section. Or the proprietary “Enriched Wave files” that can play back the real sound file on any windows-based computer, but which also carries enriched data (eg. pipe distance and material), so that these files can be shared by email and correlations performed on a different computer with the AQUASCAN TM2 software, even by Gutermann experts for second opinion. As usual for Gutermann products, the AQUASCAN TM2 allows free firmware and software updates for the life of the product.

AQUASCAN 620L - Laptop Correlator

Ultra-compact and extremely easy to use – the AQUASCAN 620L laptop correlator utilizing both the legendary, industry-leading cordless AQUASCAN sensor-transmitters and the powerful new “Auto Filter” software which greatly improves effectiveness (even on plastic pipes) and provides optimal guidance for the user.


  • So easy – your child could pinpoint leaks: The AQUASCAN 620L software is based on GUTERMANN’s entirely revamped Java-based software platform and provides the same simple and easy to navigate user interface as the top-range correlator model AQUASCAN TM2. It also boasts some of the same features, which make GUTERMANN’s latest laptop correlator generation so effective for both experienced operators and relative beginners. The highly sophisticated “Auto Filter” automatically selects the most relevant frequency bands of interest and amplifies them further to generate an accentuated peak. No more playing around with manual filters in order to try to identify possible leak noise sources. No more ambiguity about the existence of a leak. The AQUASCAN 620L does it all for you and can even pinpoint multiple leaks in one correlation.
  • It’s universally applicable and flexible in use: The versatile laptop correlator AQUASCAN 620L is a jack-of-all-trades and your correlator of choice for all standard situations. It achieves strong and accurate results on all materials using its standard AQUASCAN accelerometer sensor-transmitters. If need be, particularly on plastic pipes and bigger diameters, the AQUASCAN 620L can be used in connection with GUTERMANN’s stainless steel hydrophone sensors for additional sensitivity in order to achieve even better results. The software runs on any Windows-based computer, whether you prefer a light-weight and low cost ultra-book or tablet or a high-end ruggedized touchscreen computer, both of which can be supplied by GUTERMANN upon request.
  • Entirely cordless for quick and safe operation: The AQUASCAN 620L builds on the proven cordless sensor technology of the legendary AQUASCAN 610 stand-alone correlator. The combined accelerometer sensor-transmitter units communicate entirely wirelessly with the AQUASCAN laptop link and the laptop computer allowing the operator to close the manhole covers during the correlation work and eliminating the risk of tripping on cables. The only cables that you might ever need during operation are the cables connecting the sensor-transmitter to optional hydrophones. This feature greatly facilitates longer correlation work. It also means that the AQUASCAN 620L complies with the strictest utility and contractor health & safety regulations and public Street Works Acts. Lastly, it means that your work kit is very compact and consists of only few items.
  • Benefit from the latest software technology: The latest GUTERMANN laptop correlator software builds on the most advanced correlation algorithms in the industry. The aforementioned “Auto Filter” removes ambiguity and provides quick and automatic results. The “Notch Filtering” function removes electrical mains noises from the sound spectrum, including higher harmonics. The clean and clear correlation screen shows the coherence analysis, the cross-spectrum analysis and the two sensor spectra, all of which can easily be switched on or off on the display at any point in time. Correlation files can be saved and exported for safekeeping. 

EASYSCAN - All-In-One Leak Locator & Correlator

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results.

The All-in-one smart leak locator that is both leak noise correlator, acoustic ground microphone and electronic listening stick in one single powerful product. It is operated by smartphone or tablet, using a great-looking, very intuitive and easy-to-use Android app. With EASYSCAN even beginners get good results. With just a few quick manipulations you transform your EASYSCAN from the correlation function to the listening function. As a Premium Service member you can also automatically upload all of your measurements with according time-stamp and GPS locations to your personal cloud account for further analysis, reporting tools and data backup.An 3-in-1 all-round leak finder

  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive
  • Attractive design, controlled on a smartphone app
  • Cloud-enabled: Store all your data in your personal cloud account (only as premium member)
  • Very affordable price
  • Free shipping, free 14-day returns​

MULTISCAN - Multi-Point Correlator

The highly sensitive multi-point correlator for maxiumum convenience: Small, stainless steel sensor-transmitters, attractive Android app with fully automatic filtering and GPS-based automated geolocation and mapping for cable-free handling on your Smartphone or tablet.


  • The quick route to the leak: With up to ten correlation sensors, MULTISCAN allows highly sensitive acoustic correlation measurements of whole streets in one single work operation. The sensors can be programmed for a parallel measurement over a few minutes or overnight at low background noise. Along with the correlation measurement, a noise level measurement is automatically carried out, which gives an additional indication of the leak location. The sensors can be easily programmed and read via a radio interface. The stainless steel housing of the radio sensors offers maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Fully automatic filtering: Background noises are filtered out with MULTISCAN’s unique “Auto Filter“ and the individual leak frequencies amplified such that there are clear correlation peaks, even with weak signals. The best possible correlation result is thus obtained automatically without the operator having to adjust the filter settings manually. Since every sensor is correlated with every other, there is a very high level of certainty in detecting leaks even for difficult pipe materials such as plastic. The measurement results confirm each other mutually and can be used to correct the sound velocity so that the leak location can be found even more accurately.
  • Simple touchscreen operation: The new MULTISCAN App was designed for intuitive touchscreen operation on Android smartphones and tablets. In operation, the serial numbers of the sensors can be scanned via the smartphone’s or tablet’s camera, so that the results can later be displayed in a clear manner on a GPS-based map. The pipes can be easily mapped with the “Pipe Wizard“, so that all correlations can be displayed accurately at their correct GPS positions on the map. In addition, a “Leak Score“ is calculated for each sensor, which gives the probability that there is a leak in the vicinity of the sensor, and which determines the colour of the sensor on the map. The map offers a very good zoom facility and can be downloaded at no cost even for large areas so that it is available even without internet connection.
  • Central storage and analysis of measurement results: Not only can MULTISCAN’s measurement results be analysed directly on the tablet or smartphone, in the Pro version of MULTISCAN they can also be uploaded to the central Gutermann Cloud Server. This offers a convenient web browser interface, further analysis and report functions and automatic data back-up.